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Discover Thai Spirit

While staying on Koh Mak, Muay Thai Gym, offers a path toward reimagining the pursuit of fitness. Wellness is infused with cultural history through Thailand’s national sport.

Indoor & Outdoor tennis court on an island!

Energize yourself in any weather throughout the year with friends, family, children and loads of meets and matches with neighborhood tennis players.

Worry-free if you haven't carried your tennis racket, you can of course borrow all the equipment at the resort

Indoor Badminton Court

For Badminton lovers we have our 4 indoor badminton courts.

We offered your family with hours of enjoyment, playing with kids on either side of the net and have some good times!


Experience the advantages of Yoga classes on the beach view, regardless of whether you've done yoga your entire life or just a simply beginning.

Swimming Pool

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